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law firm bookkeeping software

With CosmoLex, the financials of every client/matter is front-and-center, and intrinsically linked to each case. ProLaw comes in a number of packages and editions, some of which include ProLaw’s fully-featured accounting software. With ProLaw, your law firm can manage its clients, matters, billing, documents and accounting on a single package. Manually preparing invoices and following up on payments is time-consuming, inefficient, and sometimes detrimental to healthy client relationships. Features like automated accounts receivable management and invoicing take the stress out of billing. Not only do these features help you get paid faster but can drastically improve the client experience as well.

law firm bookkeeping software

The best accounting software for lawyers simplifies the billing process so that you can quickly send clients invoices that are detailed and accurate in just a few clicks. It also makes it easier to track who’s paid you and who still owes you money so that you can follow up with reminders without that collections process eating away at your billable time. Law firm accounting software can integrate with many different types of software to help improve efficiency and accuracy. For example, time tracking software allows lawyers to record their hours accurately and have them automatically included in billing records. Electronic document management systems allow for the storage of documents electronically, reducing the amount of paper necessary for record keeping. Calendar or scheduling programs can be used to organize meetings and court appearances, as well as track deadlines.

What Are the Key Features of Law Firm Accounting Software?

Learn how to address your team’s needs and select the best financial software for your mid-size law firm. That being said, here are our recommendations based on the availability of these legal-specific features, plus things like ease of use, customer service, and comprehensiveness of bookkeeping and accounting features. Accounting software for lawyers can easily separate income and revenue by keeping a client’s legal matter and their invoice payment connected, meaning that actual revenue will always be listed separately.

  • Look for legal-specific accounting tools or software that integrates with legal practice management software to create a solution that works for your law firm.
  • It works for law firms of all sizes and even provides some project management features, like timekeeping.
  • There are four subscription levels which means that you can start small and upgrade to a higher plan as your business grows.
  • Find thе right balancе bеtwееn cost and fеaturеs to еnsurе thе softwarе еfficiеntly supports your firm’s financial managеmеnt nееds without compromising financial stability.

They allow you to collect, track, and reconcile all money going into and out of your client trust accounts. If you’re looking for software that can competently handle both bookkeeping and accounting, you’ll need to pay close attention to the features that it includes. Some accounting software includes some bookkeeping functionality, but not everything that you need, and some offer complete bookkeeping and accounting features. Before you purchase software, it’s important to make sure that it will do what you expect.

Invoicing & Accounting Features Designed for Your Law Firm

Track and pay all office bills and vendor credits and stay on top of your comprehensive financial picture with the best legal accounting software. You can even set recurring bills, such as rent or utilities, and let CosmoLex enter them for you automatically. Know what reports you need, have a list and make sure you “kick the tires” before you commit. Once you sign up for a demo and free trial (ask for it if they don’t offer), don’t wait to use it. You’ll know in the first week if this is the right legal billing software for you by just using it. Many of the software options designed for law firms handle scheduling, time tracking and billing.

  • Businеssеs with annual rеvеnuе undеr $50,000 can usе Zoho Books’ frее plan forеvеr.
  • If your law firm needs a central, secure cloud platform for all of your legal software, documents and data, Practice Foundation is for you.
  • If your firm has already moved to the cloud and gotten rid of on-premise servers, you might find getting quality, legal-focused IT support difficult.
  • Numbers such as a change in value will come in handy when you want to calculate your law firm’s overall worth and market valuation or do your taxes.
  • But without the right tools in place, the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming to manage.

From your firm’s overhead costs to expenses incurred on behalf of a client, you need to constantly maintain an accurate record of these costs. When there isn’t an adequate law firm accounting software in place, your attorneys and staff may attempt to track expenses by saving receipts or writing payments in a ledger. All of these are recipes for improper data management and draw your attention away from clients. Invoicing is extremely exhausting without the right law firm accounting software. For example, attorneys are forced to waste valuable time when they look back and review client-matter tasks for billing purposes. Your accountant shouldn’t have to go around the office trying to round up time tracking records from the attorneys.

Think about the user

With the right information available when you need it, you can make data-driven business decisions to help your firm succeed. Trust accounting must be done correctly in order for law firms to stay compliant. Keeping accurate records of your law firm’s accounts law firm bookkeeping is a challenging yet vital part of running a legal practice. Not only is it important to have law office accounting software, that software should be specific to the legal industry and customizable so that you can adapt it to your practice area needs.

law firm bookkeeping software

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your financial information is backed-up and secure. Let’s say you pull an aging invoices report for a complete overview of outstanding balances owed to the firm. You notice that the majority of unpaid invoices belong to the clients of one lawyer at this firm. With this information, you can reach out to that person to understand what’s blocking them from receiving payments.

Consider MyCase for Your Law Firm Accounting Software

Top solutions also offer helpful automation capabilities, such as the ability to perform a three-way trust reconciliation process at the press of a button. Having an accurate, and quick method to check that your current bank balance, book balance, and balance by matter all match is an easy way to ensure that all client payments stay compliant with the IOLTA rules of your state. Trust accounting is a great way to for law firms to ensure client payment but there are strict rules around how trust funds can be used by attorneys. Legal billing software that works well will make it easy for you to collect, track, and manage client funds placed in a trust account while ensuring that you’re in compliance with the rules. Software like Smokeball will allow you to reconcile your trust account as often as you wish and run comprehensive financial reports for your invoices and accounts.

law firm bookkeeping software