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River bank trees and bush cut
Floating barrier Eglington Canal

This is a floating barrier placed across the mouth of the Eglinton canal by Galway City Council, with the sole purpose of diverting domestic and commercial plastics and other rubbish directly into Galway Bay. The much garlanded Spanish Arch can be seen in the background. The rubbish diverted by the barrier links up with raw sewage also being pumped into the bay by the Council, close to the Arch.

Cladagh Beach filled with Rubbish

This is the Claddagh beach, on the Wild Atlantic Way.
The rubbish is a  result of the floating barrier (above).
The barrier is intentionally placed there by Galway City Council,
Hoping that the rubbish would disappear in the expanse of the
Atlantic ocean!

Swans at Cladagh slip way
swans are disappearing