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Galway City Canal Walk 

Welcome to Galway City Canal Walk. Enjoy a leisurely, countryside-like, traffic-free stroll along the River Corrib, the canal, and the waterway system, minutes from the city centre, Eyre square. Signposts in the city are appalling. Where they do exist, you have to get off the footbath to read them. Maps can be confusing and frustrating. We have chosen the age-old directions of using landmarks to make your walk stress-free and more enjoyable. We have chosen two walks of different lengths and durations to fit your schedule and fitness level.

Walk One:  Circle Walk.  90 minutes
Walk Two:  Corrib Walk (Woodquay). 45 minutes
Walk Three: University Walk

Both walks interact with one another and start at Jury’s Inn,  across from the Spanish Arch. At the end of both walks, you are directed back to Eyre Square, approximately six minutes away.

Landmark 1:  Jury’s Inn

Jury's inn Landmark 1